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Foreign Minister meets Russian acting ambassador to Yemen

Foreign Minister meets Russian acting ambassador to Yemen


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SANA'A, March 7 (Saba) - Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf met on Tuesday in Sana'a with the Acting Russian ambassador to Yemen.

Foreign Minister emphasized the need of the international community to quickly move to stop the aggression against Yemen and to put an end the unjust blockade so as to restore security and stability to Yemen.

He stressed that Yemen welcomes any efforts to achieve peace, pointing out that the aggression led by Saudi Arabia puts obstacles in front of any efforts, either in the human side or the political side.

The Minister pointed out the need to put pressure on Riyadh's group to deliver the state's salaries to fulfill their obligations in this regard.

He demanded that Russia continues its efforts to put pressure on the aggression's countries so as to reopen Sana'a International Airport before the civil and commercial flights.



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