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President of Supreme Political Council meets Deputy Prime Minister and the Head of the Forensic Science University

President of Supreme Political Council meets Deputy Prime Minister and the Head of the Forensic Science University


SANA'A, Jan. 16 (Saba) - President of Supreme Political Council Saleh Al-Smmad met today at the at the presidential palace in Sana'a the head of the Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Hussein Maqboli and Sheikh and Judge Mohamed bin Ali Morei the head of Forensic Science University in Hodeidah.

The meeting discussed issues related to the University and its noble, positive and powerful role as it graduates of scholars in the major of forensic science, language, rhetoric , preaching and guidance in accordance with the tolerant Islamic values and based on the spirit of true Islam. It also discussed the mechanism of employing its graduates in the relevant official institutions to take advantage of them in the scientific, judicial and guidance fields.

Al-Sammad praised the methodology of the university and its head and founder and the university guiding role it can play by urging the community pay more attention to the scientific sciences such as mathematics, physics , applied science and the development of the public education curriculums to make them consisted with the developments in the world and get more benefits from years of study and to achieve the quality of education and integration in various fields apart from the domination that produced the education curriculums failure and widened the educational and applied gap.

For his part, Sheikh Morei expressed his pleasure of the President of the Supreme Political Council care and his attendance in the graduation day party of 18th batch of the university that left a positive impact on the university and its students and its staff as well, particularly under these conditions that Yemen are facing and the arrogance and supremacism of aggression attackers that harm peoples' life and stability of the state institutions, especially educational ones.

Sheikh Morei said that the university will continue its mission in accordance with the methodology of moderation of Islam, as a service to the forensic science and the Islamic and human society and it is proud of current and past political regime care and support .

Forensic Science University in Hodeidah province includes 2800 students from different governorates as well as more than 500 students from different countries around the world .

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