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Saudi war jets airstrikes breach Oman`s principles of ceasefire

Saudi war jets airstrikes breach Oman`s principles of ceasefire


SANAA, Nov. 20 (Saba) – US-Saudi aggression war jets and their mercenaries continued on Sunday breaching Oman`s principles agreement of ceasefire on several Yemeni provinces, military officials told Saba.

In the capital Sanaa, the Saudi aggression fighter jets intensively flew over the capital for hours as they launched five air strikes on Dhubab and Rijam areas of Bani Hushaish district on the northeast outskirts of the capital.

The air raids occurred overnight, hours after the truce went into effect.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched several attempts of advances towards locations of the national army and popular forces in the district of Nehm northeast of the capital. The mercenaries' attempts were repelled.

In Hajja province, the warplanes launched a strike on al-Mazarak area in Haradh district, as the mercenaries launched attempts to infiltrate towards Medi coastal city and its desert. Their attempts were foiled.

In Saada governorate, Saudi artillery and missile forces hit border districts, including Razeh district.

Meanwhile the Saudi war jets kept flying over the province for hours, targeting the farms and residents houses. Dozens of farms were burned and tens of hoses were totally flattened into ground.

In Taiz province, Saudi-paid mercenaries carried out several attacks on civilian targets and waged infiltration attempts on al-Salu and Haijah al-Abd areas.

In Lahj province, the US-backed Saudi-founded mercenaries shelled using various weapons on the mountain chain ranging from Kahbub area. Many houses and farms were damaged .

In Marib province, the war jets waged a series of strikes on farms and houses of villagers in Wadi al-Rabaiah valley in Serwah district as their mercenaries indiscriminately shelled the whole area.



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