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Saleh: Either honorable peace or confrontation until victory

Saleh: Either honorable peace or confrontation until victory


SANAA, Nov. 5 (Saba) – President of the General People's Congress (GPC), Ali Abdullah Saleh, said either honorable peace or continuing confrontation until victory.

"The steadfast Yemeni people in repelling the aggression, no matter how much they suffer or present sacrifices, they are today more ready to comprehensive peace but not surrender," the former president of the republic said in a post in his official Facebook seen by Saba on Saturday.

"We are extending our hand to peace for us, our neighbors and the peoples of the world..not in submission to the will of the enemy or to its dictation, but peace of brave men," Saleh wrote.

He said the new UN-proposed peace roadmap is a "good basis for negotiations, but it should be including ceasing the aggression leading by Saudi Arabia, lifting blockade, stopping financing mercenaries and terrorist groups and pulling out foreign forces."

The GPC president also called on all national parties for unifying efforts to force "the Saudi aggression to respect the will of the Yemeni people, the independency of Yemen and end its aggression war."

"We at the time of renewing our people readiness to positively deal with all peace-seeking initiatives that aim to stop bloodshed, preserve the Yemeni unity, integrity, security and stability, and achieve fair, comprehensive peace for Yemen and the region.., we at the same time confirm that if the Saudi aggression did not stop, then the Yemeni people are in the highest degree of readiness today, militarily and popularly, to continue fighting the aggression at all levels and in all circumstances until victory," Saleh added.



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