Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
Saudi aggression airstrikes kill 60 prisoners in al-Hodayda

Saudi aggression airstrikes kill 60 prisoners in al-Hodayda


HODAYDA, Oct. 30 (Saba) – At least 60 prisoners were killed and 38 others wounded when the US-backed Saudi-led coalition aggression fighter jets bombed a prison early on Sunday in al- Zaydiya district of al-Hodayda port city.
The fighter jets targeted the prison since Sunday dawn and lasted their air striking for hours.
The prison was totally collapsed.
Earlier the day, the rescue teams have recovered nearly 43 bodies and dozens of wounded from under the rubble of the prison building. Later this morning, the initial death toll rose 60 and 38 injured. Medical officials told Saba that the death toll could rise in the next hours because a lot of injured were in critical conditions and the hospitals are suffering from acute shortage of medicines due to the 19-month prolonged air, sea and land blockade.
The Health Office in the city called people to donate blood to save the injured.
The officials and residents strongly condemned the fresh brutal crime committed by the Saudi-American aggression war against the Yemeni people.


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