Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
U.S.-Saudi warplanes launch 39 raids on Saada, Jizan

U.S.-Saudi warplanes launch 39 raids on Saada, Jizan


SAADA, Oct. 11 (Saba) – U.S.- Saudi aggression fighter jets launched 39 raids on several areas in Saddaa province and Jizan region, a security official told Saba.
The air strikes occurred late on Monday.
In Saada, the aggression warplanes carried out a total of 23 air strikes on al-Thabat area, while one more strike targeted a citizen`s car in al-Zamah area of Bakim district, as well as three raids on al-Malahidh and al-Akabah areas of al-Dhahir district.
The air attacks left great damage to residents' properties and farms, the official said, adding that the aggression warplanes and their spy drones kept flying over the province for hours.
In Jizan, the aggression warplanes launched 12 strikes on Doud mountain and Mustahdath site in Khuba district, the official added.


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