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Saudi-led aggression continues raids on provinces

Saudi-led aggression continues raids on provinces


PROVINCES , Sep. 17 (Saba) – The Saudi-led aggression continued to wage raids on several provinces during the past 24 hours, a military official said.

The Saudi warplanes targeted a car in al-Watada in Khawlan of Sana'a province, killing 10 in an initial toll, the official added.

The warplanes also targeted four raids on Naqel Yasleh area in Sana'a, he said.

The Saudi warplanes waged each of Amran Cement plant and Bait Badi area in Amran province with an air raid, the official said.

He added the Saudi-led aggression launched two raids on Serwah district in Mareb province, killing five people in Wadi al-Zagan area in the district.

Two people were killed in a Saudi air raid in Gawl Gamer area in Sa'ada province, the official said, adding that the Saudi aggression waged raids on al-Omar area in Munabah district in Sa'ada.

The official added the Saudi warplanes targeted al-Menzalah area in al-Dhaher district with an air raid and al-Dhaher and al-Malahedh areas in the same district with four raids.

He said that the Saudi warplanes pounded a house in al-Maqrani area in Haidan district in Sa'ada province.

The official added the warplanes launched an air raid on al-Salem and two raids on the downtown of Sa'ada city and two air raids on Mudaidedah area in Baqem district in Sa'ada.

In Hajjah province, the Saudi-led aggression waged an air raid on al-Mazraq area and Haradh city with two raids, he said.

The Saudi warplanes waged four raids on 16 KM area in Hodeida province and al-Masloub district in Jawf province with two raids, he added.

The hostile warplanes waged two raids on Wadi Jarah area and al-Ma'arosa village in al-Dukhan Mount in Jizan region, the official said



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