Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
Riyadh's hirelings bombs al-Sarary village

Riyadh's hirelings bombs al-Sarary village


TAIZ, 19 July (Saba) - The Riyadh's mercenaries shelled on Tuesday Al-Sarary village in Saber-almoadem in Taiz province, a local official said.

They also opened fire intensively on citizens' houses, the official added.

A sniper shot and injured a citizen called Saeed Ismail al-Junaid, 65, in al-Hyyar village in Hessan area of Taiz province, the official said.

The aggression's mercenaries in Saber-almoadem district refused to hand over the body of a citizen called "Mustafa al-Junaid" to the Red Cross, instead, they brutally crucified the body after cutting his hands and legs.


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