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Army unveils new locally-made ballistic missile

Army unveils new locally-made ballistic missile


SANA’A, July 10 (Saba) – The military industrialization section of the army and popular committees on Sunday unveiled a new ballistic missile "Zelzal-3" within the Zelzal missiles system.

The Zelzal-3 missile, which is locally made 100 percent, is characterized by its large destructive strength and ability to target gatherings and operations rooms of the enemy in a limited geographical framework.

The Zelzal-3 missile’s length is six meters, and has a diameter of 650 mm. Its warhead weighs half a ton, which launches about 10 thousand shrapnel. Its range reaches 65 kilometers and is able to hit a target at a 300 meter accuracy.

Military experts described unveiling the new missile after more than 15 months from the Saudi military aggression as a unique accomplishment.

It is worthy to mention that the ballistic missiles that recently launched on mercenaries' gatherings and their camps in Marib province and Nehm area were of Zelzal-3 type, which hit their targets with high accuracy.


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