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Child injured in Mareb by Saudi airstrike

Child injured in Mareb by Saudi airstrike


SANA'A, June 11 (Saba) - The Saudi war jets launched an air raid on Friday on a farm in Harib-al-Qaramish area in Mareb province.

A child was injured in the raid, a military official said, adding the Riyadh's hirelings targeted different areas in Serwah.

The Saudi aggression kept on breaching the UN-sponsored ceasefire during the past hours in several province, he said.

The Saudi war jets waged two air raids on Harib-Nehm area in Sana'a province. At the same time, the hirelings pounded Mabda'a, Melh, Bani Abed, al-Medraj, Bani Bareq areas in Nehm district in Sana'a.

The army and popular committees repulsed an attempt of the Riyadh's hirelings to advance towards Qarn al-Dhyab zone in Harib-al-Qaramish area, causing them heavy losses.

In Taiz province, many hirelings were killed when they tried to advance towards Tabat al-Raqa'a area in Maqbana district in the southern part of Taiz province. Meanwhile, the hirelings pounded Dhubab city and many areas in al-Shabka and al-Ghawi in al-Waze'yah district with artillery shells.

The Saudi war jets waged an air raid on al-Mezraq area in Harad district of Hajjah province and the Saudi aggression pounded Harad and Midi districts with artillery shells.

The Saudi aggression also waged an air raid on al-Moton district of Jawf province and dropped a sound bomb on al-Qanaws district in Hodeida province.

The Saudi warplanes launched many raids on Harf Sufyan district in Amran province and targeted wells in the district.


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