Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
Army, committees forces advancing in Lahj Front

Army, committees forces advancing in Lahj Front


LAHJ, June 05 (Saba) - The army and popular committees forces managed to advance in al-Qabaitah front in Lahj province from the eastern and western directions, a military official said on Sunday.

Responding to the continous assaults and breaches from the mercenaries’ sites, the army and committees forces advanced on the al-Qabaitah front and purged a number of the sites that were under the control of the mercenaries, the official explained.

He pointed out that the army and committees cleansed Jales and al-Mashqar mountains, Wadi al-Bair, al-Nasr School and Dayash area to the west and advanced from the east direction toward al-Mughaniya area.

The aggression mercenaries incurred a large number of dead and wounded during the confrontations, the official added.


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