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Saudi aggression, hirelings continue violating ceasefire

Saudi aggression, hirelings continue violating ceasefire


PROVINCES, June 03 (Saba) – The Saudi aggression and its mercenaries continued to breach the cease-fire during the past hours in several province, a military official said Friday.

The official explained that the aggression war jets waged five raids on Mandaba area in Baqem district of Sa’ada province and two other raids on al-Shorfa area in Najran region.

The hostile warplanes continue to fly in the sky of Sa’ada and Mareb provinces and in the areas of Mocha, al-Jadeed, al-Amri, Dhabab, al-Wazeiyah, al-Hunishiya and al-Barh in Taiz province, he said.

The aggression’s hirelings pounded the Military Hospital in al-Jahmaliya neighborhood in the city of Taiz, the official added.

He pointed out that the army and popular committees foiled two attempts of the mercenaries to advance toward Tha’abat and al-Jahmaliya neighborhoods.

According to the official, the hirelings targeted al-Bab al-Kabir souk in Taiz downtown with mortar shells, causing several causalities. They stormed houses of citizens in al-Khaiatein (tailors) neighborhood and abducted the citizen Numan Hizam from his home.

In Mareb province, the official said the aggression’s mercenaries bombed areas in Serwah district with different weapons.


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