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Army, popular committees cleanse sites in Shabwa

Army, popular committees cleanse sites in Shabwa


SHABWA, May 31 (Saba) – The army and popular committees forces managed on Tuseday to purge several sites of the aggression hirelings in Usailan district of Shabwa province, a military official said.

The aggression mercenaries carried out in the past three days about 12 attempts in order to advance toward Usailan district, the official said.

He confirmed that 70 of the hirelings were killed, including al-Qaeda leaders, and seven military vehicles and one BMP were destroyed in the confrontations of the past two days.

The official pointed out that the army and committees forces repulsed the mercenaries’ progress and retook the control of al-Sulim and al-Alam sites and al-Qarn al-Asfal area and broke the siege on al-Safra’a area.

The mercenaries suffered big losses in lives and gear during the confrontations, the official added.


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