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Aggression forces commit 172 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[17 August 2022]
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[17 August 2022]
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559 passengers travel via Sana'a Inte'l Airport
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  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces commit 172 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[17 August 2022]
Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire 88 times
[17 August 2022]
Aggression forces commit 163 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[16 August 2022]
Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire 64 times
[16 August 2022]
Aggression forces commit 161 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[16 August 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Text of Tribal Honor Convention to Bolster National Principles
Text of Tribal Honor Convention to Bolster National Principles
Text of Tribal Honor Convention to Bolster National Principles

SANA'A, Nov. 17 (Saba) - Anssarallah has prepared a document called "The Tribal Honor Convention to Bolster National Principles and Interests". They launched a campaign on October 10th, to reach a million signatures of tribesmen in all Yemeni villages and areas throughout the country.

The convention enhances the role of the tribe in safeguarding the nation and its interests. It also reunions the Yemeni people in order to confront the brutal aggression on Yemen.

It assures the tribes support for the army and popular committees in fighting the enemy forces.

Below is the full text of the convention:

Tribal Honor Convention to Bolster National Principles and Interests

The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur'an: "Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity."

Considering the prominent role of the Yemeni tribe in making history and defending the homeland against invaders and enemies, and due to its effective influence on the daily life of the Yemeni society in all walks of life, and for its famous reputation at regional and international level, it is very important to energize the tribe's positive role in the field of defense and security, and it is significant to organize its affairs to prepare it to effectively contribute to decision making process;

And to help maintaining the nation's major interests and improving the social structure's action against challenges and conspiracies which are targeting the country and nation;

And as the country has been experiencing extremely unusual circumstances under the Saudi atrocious aggressive which is largely identified with the American-Zionist desires and objectives aiming to destroy any society holds free national attitude against colonization and imperial control over the region's peoples, resources and decision;

And for the destructive role of collaboration and treachery in encouraging the enemies and prompting them to launch their aggression on Yemen as there are no deterrent rules and restrictions in effects to deter the treacherous people who cause harm to the national interests and the nation's sovereignty, security and stability.

And given that the aggression on Yemen has amounted to war crimes and genocide against the humanity, seriously damaging everything in the urban and rural areas;

And aiming to maintain the good reputation of Yemeni tribes and preserve their civilized heritage and good record of protecting the nation's interests, and to fortify the tribes and protect them from infiltration and disintegration, to keep the social fabric as safe in the entire Yemeni arena, and to combine the official responsibility with popular' s, and as the public interest requires the Yemeni tribes have decided to endorse this document (Convention) of Tribal Honor to deter everybody may think of disturbing the country's security and stability, or violate the society's ideals and noble values. The Convention of Tribal Honor is based on the following bases:

First: Social solidarity Principle:

We, the free men of Yemen, pronounce that we are one single nation under the prophet Mohmmad's Shari'a, committed to the principle of providing shelter, altruism, offering blood and treasure for making the Almighty Allah's word above all, advocating the righteousness, resisting injustice and oppression, relieving the ones in need who are affected by the aggression.

The world has heard about our hospitability and it has seen our solidarity and mercy sprit among us. This actually attests that we are truly belong to our Arab predecessors, those great conquerors who established these principles in accordance with the legislation issued by prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, in "Al-Mdina Document" in which he said (" This document from the prophet Mohammed is a pact between the Muslim believers from Quraish and the people of Yathrib and those who joined them and align themselves with and went to Jihad along with them; they are one single nation—unlike other people—and that the pious believers hands are united together as one single hand against every aggressor of them may intend to cause injustice or sin or aggression or corruption among the believers; such wrongdoer shall never be tolerated even if he is a father, son or brother of anyone of them" ).

Second: Renouncing Declaration

The Yemen tribes belonging to Qahtan and Adnan—represented by everybody attended or signed on his own behalf or someone else may deputize him to sign on his behalf, in accordance with the conventional norms that the attendant includes the absent—declare that they are strongly denouncing the aggression on Yemen, condemning the attackers and renouncing everyone who contribute to the aggression or support, incite or proved in favor.

Consequentially, the Yemeni tribes maintain their own right to respond to the attackers and their supporters. The tribesmen have the right to use all available capacities wherever and whenever that is possible. They categorically reject all kind of foreign intervention or mandatory, regardless the grave loses and sacrifices. Hence, collaborators shall be dealt with as estrangers, alienated and their tribes are no longer responsible for their actions.

Third: Legal Penalties

The Yemeni tribes call on the official and judicial authorities to enforce the rule of law and deliver the deterrent punishments against everybody contribute to the aggression on Yemen or support or incite or help. Punishment shall be delivered in accordance with the rules of the Islamic Shari'a and articles no. 125,126,127,128, 129 of the Code of Penalties no (12) of 1991.

Legal punishments stipulated in the laws of press and publications, political parties and civil society organizations shall also be applied to the collaborators. One more law shall be enacted to clearly criminalize and indict the treacherous guys and collaborators, as well as stripe them of financial and occupational rights.

Legal articles need to be established to stipulate that collaborators shall never be allowed to represent the Yemeni people in the official and popular forums, nor to participate directly or in directly in establishing any political, social or economic entities.

Fourth Social Exclusion

The tribes of Yemen have consensually decided that collaborators and treacherous people have been tainted by shame and dressed in felony and ignominy regardless any political settlement may be reached. Therefore, conventional tribal punishments will always be applied to them, including the wrongdoer shall never be sheltered, a wrongdoer will never be accepted or dealt with but by similar wrongdoer. The collaborators shall be stripped of the rights to brotherhood, neighborhood, protection, companionship and citizenship, and their wrongdoing amounts to the same of those who carried out the aggression on Yemen, they are involved in every crime against Yemen and Yemenis. Their offense is considered to be transgression against the nation under the legislative term and tribes' norms, therefore everyone is fugitive unless he is arrested.

Fifth: Security of Tribe's Field

Every tribe is responsible for maintaining the security and stability of its field, and the borders of the homeland are public field for all Yemeni tribes. The tribe or the party, to which the wrongdoer (traitor, agent or spoiler) belongs, must take all necessary actions against him/her, in collaboration with the official or popular authorities.

Sixth: Tribal Co-pay Principle

Everyone should revive tribal and national principle of contribution to facing losses through providing money and men, and should do everything that the defense forces need to deter aggressors and invaders and to eradicate sources of evil and threat to the homeland and nation.

Seventh: General Reconciliation

Yemeni tribes inter in a general reconciliation and agree to postpone all differences and conflicts between all the Yemeni people, excepting those referred to in this Convention earlier, as deserving sanctions. A committee should be formed from various legal, judicial and tribal sectors to sort out and classify the outstanding issues and put suitable solutions through equitable and fair methods in coordination with official authorities.

Eighth: Activation of Tribe's Role

Tribe's affairs should be arranged and organized so as to be able to secure its field, solve its problems, follow-up its affairs and play its role in all areas of defense and security. In addition, tribes should be represented in the legislative and executive structures to participate - through these bodies - in opinion-giving and decision-making.

Ninth: Permanent Charter of Honor Document

After being signed, this document would be a charter of honor in peace and war, and should be considered valid in every circumstance and time, in conformity of tribe's principles, values and constants. A joint committee shall be formed to draw up a 'list of shame' on which persons deserving of sanctions listed on correct and considered bases.

Allah the Highest says :{To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid.}

Allah Almighty has spoken the truth


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