Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
Saudi strikes kill four citizens in Saada

Saudi strikes kill four citizens in Saada


SAADA, Oct. 17 (Saba) - Saudi warplanes bombed a citizen's house in Haidan district of Saada province, killing four people and wounding ten others, a security source said on Saturday.

The Saudi aggression directly targeted the citizen's house in Joma'at Bani Fadhl area and destroyed it, causing damage to the houses around, the source explained.

The airstrikes also destroyed two houses and an ambulance car in Rahban area in Saada, which led to injuring of a citizen and damaging other houses, the source added.

The source condemned the continued brutal aggression in targeting the homes of citizens, calling on the international community and human rights organizations, particularly the United Nations, to stop the Saudi machine that is committing horrible war crimes and massacres against the Yemeni people.


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