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Bahah: Poverty alleviation, security our priorities

Bahah: Poverty alleviation, security our priorities


SANA'A, Nov. 09 (Saba) - Prime Minister Khaled Bahah has confirmed that alleviating poverty and restoring security and stability are his government's priorities.

"Our government agenda's priorities in political fields are implementing the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the National Peace and Partnership agreement, complete drafting the institution and putting it for referendum, preparing a new electoral registry and implementing the rest of the Gulf Initiative's items," said Bahah in a press conference held Sunday here after the ministers sworn in.

In economic field, Prime Minister Bahah said the preparations are ongoing for the formation of economic committee to be set up from senior Yemeni economists. The committee will study economic and financial situation to make clear time-bound program for economic reforms and the realization of integrity to overcome difficult situations.

"Estimations of fund budget in 2014 state's budget have reached YR 679, 3 billion; 8.3 percent of domestic product," said Bahah clarifying that the ratio exceeds secured limitations of admitted deficit. The sustainability weakness of financial resources because of deteriorated share of the government from crude oil added the deficit of the state budget.

But Bahah said the responsibility of his government is huge and challenges facing it are immense, noting that competence was the main principle applied for choosing members of this government.

He renewed call to all political components to create atmospheres for the success of the government and be away of political troubles, arguing them to work as one team for making Yemen's interests above all other interests.

He confirmed that the formation of a new government came after immense work made by many honest people to have a government in which youth and women have ministerial seats to work together with experienced people to lead the country to the safe side.



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