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Soldiers did not fire on protesters: SSC

Soldiers did not fire on protesters: SSC


SANA'A, Sep. 09 (Saba) - A number of soldiers and Houthi protesters were killed on Tuesday, as the Houthis trying to storm by force the buildings of the Cabinet and the official Sana'a Radio, the Supreme Security Committee (SSC) said.

"The soldiers did not fire on the protesters who tried to storm the Cabinet", a security official at the committee said.

The shooting came from a number of armed persons in the area's surroundings and from the Houthi protesters, the official added stressing that the security authorities are hunting the shooters from both sides.

The security official held the Houthi group responsible for inciting the group members to storm the official institutions.

Crowds of Houthis tried to enter the security zone near the Cabinet by force to storm the Cabinet, but the security forces guarding the Cabinet prevented them from doing so, a security source told Saba.

The source called on the Houthi elements to abide by rules of the peaceful demonstrations and marches away from assaulting the public facilities, blocking traffic and disturbing public tranquility.

The source stressed that the security services would perform their constitutional and legal duty in guarding the government institutions and maintaining security and stability.


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