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  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 132 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
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Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth
Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth
Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth

SANA'A, Sep. 02 (Saba) - The House of Representatives, in its session on Tuesday, headed by Parliament Speaker Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, approved the report of the Development, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Committee, regarding the Austrian (OMV) company selling its stake in the oil sector (S2) Al-Uqla - Shabwa provinceto SPEC.

The session came after the commitment of Oil and Minerals Minister, Ahmed Daris, to implement the recommendations related to the government side.

The committee's recommendations included:

1- The House of Representatives shall do the following:

A-Issuing a statement warning the House of Representatives, located in the capital, Sana’a, against violating the provisions of articles of production-sharing agreements issued by laws and what the Austrian (OMV) company, which operates Sector (S2), Al-Aqla - Shabwa province, has done, as well as what the “Kuwait Energy” company has done. The operator of sector (5) commission or other companies to concede or sell their share in the oil sectors to other companies in violation of the procedures and conditions stipulated in the articles of the agreements are considered unacceptable and illegal, and the House of Representatives categorically rejects it, because the country is going through an aggression and siege by the countries of the coalition of aggression and its occupation of the areas of the oil sectors with the complicity of the mercenary government, and that the two companies or others do not represent any entitlement, as they are in violation of the procedures stipulated in the production-sharing agreements signed with them, and bear legal responsibility towards it.
The House of Representatives calls for an immediate halt to the looting and export of Yemeni crude oil, since oil wealth is among the sovereign resources owned by all the people without exception, and is not owned by a party or group that acts as it wants, in violation of all Arab and international laws, norms and covenants.

The Council also stresses the need for the United Nations, its affiliated organizations, and the international community to play their role in putting pressure on the countries of the coalition of aggression to neutralize the oil sector from political conflicts, and not to give up or sell the shares of companies in the oil sectors until the current situation in the country ends, as well as to stop organized looting. of oil wealth and tampering with the capabilities of the country.

And the House of Representatives confirms that those who carry out such actions or behaviors will be prosecuted in accordance with the Constitution and the laws in force.

B - The Presidency of the Council should communicate with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and hold a meeting with the Resident Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Yemen, in order to pressure all political parties to neutralize oil from political conflicts, and to stop exporting oil, unless the export is under the supervision of the United Nations. Its revenues should be allocated to disbursing the salaries of all state employees throughout the Republic of Yemen, since oil is one of the sovereign wealth that belongs to 30 million Yemenis, and is not owned by a specific part or segment of the people.

2-The National Salvation Government should do the following:

a. Addressing all exploration and production companies operating in Yemen under production-sharing agreements on:

• Commitment to the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreements concluded and signed with them and issued by laws.

• To stop taking any measures, whether by selling, waiving, transferring or other things, in the oil sectors until the current situation in the country ends, as a result of the aggression and the siege.

• The categorical refusal of any actions taken by the (operating) companies participating in the production without the approval of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals in Sana'a, including conducting a sale, assignment, transfer or transfer, and the companies bear responsibility for violating this, and any consequences arising from violating the agreements to participate in the production. production.

B. Notify the operating companies (contractors) to remove and correct any of the violations they made in the production sharing agreements, and publish the notification in the Official Gazette in accordance with the provisions of the articles contained in the production sharing agreements.

3- The Ministry of Oil and Minerals should do the following:

a. Knowing and documenting the actual figures of the volume and value of oil exports that were looted since the year 2019 AD until now, at the level of each of the oil sectors.

B. Filing lawsuits and cases before the relevant international courts against companies that violate the provisions and provisions of production-sharing agreements promulgated by laws, as well as those responsible for the looting of crude oil and Yemen's wealth and capabilities.

c. Holding a press conference for the ministry in which it invites media professionals, legal experts and oil and gas experts to clarify the texts, provisions and procedures contained in the production participation agreements in the event of assignment, sale, transfer or transfer of the shares of operating companies or contributing in the oil sectors to other companies.

The Council assigned the Minister of Oil and Minerals, to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations issued by the Council with regard to the governmental aspect.

During the session, which was attended by the Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Affairs, Dr. Ali Abu Haliqa, the Speaker affirmed that the House of Representatives had previously addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Security Council and their affiliated bodies, as well as addressing the heads of parliaments of regional and international countries through many messages in this regard.

He renewed the House of Representatives’ warning against dealing with the mercenaries of the aggression who falsely and slanderously pretended to be legitimate, or to conclude any agreements or conclude any contracts that would harm or prejudice the capabilities of the Yemeni people and plunder their wealth or compromise their sovereignty. He blamed the countries of the coalition of aggression and its mercenaries for the consequences.

Yahya Al-Ra’i stressed the importance of continuing to address the bodies, organizations and countries not to deal with its mercenaries of aggression, as well as continuing to follow up on the grievances of the Yemeni people and their cause, and the catastrophic effects of the aggression and siege.

He pointed out that the aggression coalition and its mercenaries are killing the Yemeni people and committing massacres against them, while at the same time looting the country's wealth and exploiting it in tightening the unjust siege on the Yemeni people, and imposing collective punishment on them.

The Speaker of the Council urged the government to activate its control bodies in combating smuggling, and work to provide oil derivatives to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

For his part, the Oil Minister indicated the need to continue following up on cases related to the Yemen's looting wealth in international courts, stressing the ministry's readiness to assign international law firms to follow up on the cases, as well as the commitment to implementing the recommendations issued by the Council.

The members of the Council pointed out that millions of dollars in the wealth of the Yemeni people are being looted, the proceeds of which were supposed to be allocated to disbursing the salaries of state employees, and harnessing them to the development process in all governorates of the Republic.

The council had started its session by reading and approving its previous minutes, and it will continue to hold its business sessions tomorrow, Wednesday, God willing.

The session was attended by the Director General of the Yemeni Oil and Gas Corporation, Mahmoud Al-Noum, the Director General of Oil Accounts, Abdul Wahab Mutaher, and a number of specialists in the relevant authorities.


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