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YACP calls on Aden customs to cancel decision to raise dollar price

YACP calls on Aden customs to cancel decision to raise dollar price



SANA'A, July 29 (Saba) - The Yemen Association for Consumer Protection (YACP) has demanded the Customs of Aden to cancel its decision to raise the dollar price from YR 250 to YR 500 which will cause an increase in the customs duties for imported goods.


In a statement, the YACP indicated the decision will cause great harm to the consumers and exacerbate their suffering due to the consequent increase in the costs of goods and services provided for the consumers, who are already suffering from famine, poverty, unemployment, low level of income and halting the wheel of development.


The YACP expressed its great concern over the decision of Aden Customs to raise the customs price of the dollar 100 percent, and to be effective as of from Monday, July 26, on all goods and products, which "will cause catastrophic results on the consumer.”


It stressed that the ill-considered decision will exacerbate the suffering of consumers in the southern and eastern provinces, who is suffering from the sharp deterioration in the exchange rate of the national currency. 


The consumers in the Salvation Government-run provinces will also be affected, because of the additional customs fees, estimated to 50 percent, to be imposed on the goods coming through the sea port of Aden, and the land ports of al-Shehr and al-Wadeah. 


The YACP confirmed its support for the position of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden, which announced its categorical rejection of the unilateral decision, and its demand to be immediately canceled.


It also called on the merchants to freeze their customs dealings until the decision is called off. 




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