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Aggression causes 2 Bln riyals losses in Sana'a health sector

Aggression causes 2 Bln riyals losses in Sana'a health sector


SANA'A, Apr. 01 (Saba) - US-Saudi aggression caused losses the total estimated amounted to 2.340 million riyals, suffered by the health sector in Sana'a province in six years.

A report issued on Thursday by the provincial health office, a copy was received by Saba, said that 27 hospitals, centers, and health units were completely and partially damaged by the aggression warplane, some of which were hampered by the country's economic situation.

The report explained that the aggression totally destroyed Ghadhran hospital, the health unit in Bani Heshaish, and the health offices in Sanhan, Hamdan, and Bilad al-Rus. Five hospitals, four health centers, and 17 health units were damaged, he said.

It said that the shelling of the warplane caused damage to three ambulances that were completely out of service, in addition to severe damage to the buildings and equipment of hospitals and branches of the health office in a number of provincial districts.

The aggression also caused electricity outages for 310 health facilities in the province, and the health sector suffered material losses and faced difficulties in providing medical services.

The Director of the Health Office, Dr. Khaled Al-Muntaser emphasized that targeting the health sector is war crimes against humanity and a flagrant violation of international norms and laws.

Al-Muntaser praised the efforts of humanitarian organizations and interventions that have contributed and continue to support the health sector in the province.


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