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SIA reveals information about al-Qaeda in Marib

SIA reveals information about al-Qaeda in Marib



SANA'A, Mar. 05 (Saba) – The Security and Intelligence Agency (SIA) on Friday issued for the first time an intelligence report contains information about Al-Qaida and its activities in Marib province.


The report revealed the organizational structure of Al-Qaida in the so-called "the state of Marib" and the houses, farms and hotels al-Qaeda leaders and members use as shelters. 


It also uncovered the types of weapons they have obtained and places to hide them, their training camps, the secret routes through which they smuggle the weapons, their relationship with the mercenaries and their presence on the battlefronts.


The reason behind publishing such information, as the agency said, is to show the public how huge is the conspiracy against the Yemeni people, as well as how much support and facilitation Al-qaida elements receive from the countries of aggression, particularly the USA, which claims to fight terrorism.


The agency promised to publish a detailed report with maps and coordinates confirming these information to all local and foreign media outlets.



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