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YOC holds press conference over ship piracy under United Nation umbrella

YOC holds press conference over ship piracy under United Nation umbrella


SANA'A, Jan. 07 (Saba) -  The Yemeni Oil Company held on Wednesday a press conference entitled "2020, a year of criminal piracy and grave violations under United Nations umbrella".


Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Dares affirmed the continuation of the aggression in detaining oil ships has caused Yemen to direct and indirect economic losses that exceeded 10 billion dollars in various vital and service sectors.


Dares pointed out the arbitrary practices of the countries of the aggression in detaining ships caused fines exceeded the value more than the ships' value.


He said: "It has been agreed with the United Nations to speed up the restoration and maintenance of the Safar ship, but to this day the United Nations continues to make excuses that do not serve what has been agreed and seek to delay the implementation of the Agreement of the tasks assigned to it under the agreement."


Minister Dares renewed the UN’s call to work on the release of oil derivative ships and to prevent their future detention without conditions or restrictions.


He appealed to the global conscience, international organizations, and the world to intervene to address the countries of the aggression and pressure them to stop the acts of maritime piracy on fuel ships and allow ships of oil derivatives to enter the port of Hodeida in a way that contributes to providing fuel for citizens and alleviating their suffering as a result of aggression and blockade.


He stated the stolen quantities of crude oil production in the occupied provinces in 2018 were about 18 million and 80 thousand barrels, the value of one billion and 200 million dollars, and in 2019, 29 million and 600 thousand barrels were stolen, in addition to the looted quantities during 2020.


"These people's money is being plundered and the sales of these quantities are diverted to the mercenary accounts in Saudi banks at a time when the Yemeni people are facing suffering due to the aggression and the blockade," he added.


Dares pointed out the arbitrary practices of aggression in the continued detention of oil ships during 2020 deprived the Yemeni people of benefiting from the reductions in fuel prices that the world witnessed following the spread of the Corona pandemic.


For his part, Executive Director of the Oil Company Ammar al-Adhrue'e, explained the maritime piracy on ships of oil derivatives has caused the suspension of more than 50 percent of the operational capabilities of the service, industrial and commercial sectors, which led to great losses in the national economy.


Al-Adhruee pointed out the Aggression is still holding nine oil derivative ships in Jizan, a ship called 'Bading victori' is detained by the aggression for nine months and its fines reached six million dollars, considering that this is one of the attempts of the aggression to affect the national economy in raising the cost on citizens and increase their suffering.


Al-Adhrue'e renewed the call for humanitarian organizations and the free people of the world to intensify activities and to reject the blatant siege on the Yemeni people.


He held the United Nations and the forces of aggression fully responsible for the blockade and the acts of maritime piracy which cause grave violations and catastrophic repercussions.


YOC spokesman Essam al-Mutawakel confirmed the forces of aggression committed 72 criminal piracy operations during 2020 that targeted 72 fuel shipments that were forcibly taken to the detention area despite obtaining the UN permits.


He pointed out the arbitrary detention procedures practiced by the aggression under the umbrella of the United Nations caused the doubling of the delay fines to unprecedented record levels estimated at about $ 107 million.


According to the YOC's statement, the fines for delaying fuel ships released during the year 2020 were estimated at about $ 91 million, which is more than 54 billion and 680 million riyals, while the fines for delaying ships still in custody to this day amount to about $ 17 million, equivalent to 10 billion and 758 million riyals and the fines could be increased.



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