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Freed prisoners receive an official, popular reception

Freed prisoners receive an official, popular reception


SANAA, Oct. 17 (Saba) - The freed prisoners received an official and popular reception at the airport on Thursday and Friday, in the presence of members of the Supreme Political Council, director of the presidential office, a number of ministers, governors of the provinces, members of the Parliament and the Shura Council, a number of military and security leaders, and social figures.

Buses carrying the released prisoners went to the effective place of popular reception in Mus'ab's tour, in coincidence with the crowd that raised the national flag.

The public raised the signs welcoming the freed prisoners. Praised their sacrifices and their resistance in the prisons of the forces of aggression.

The attendees stressed the importance to continue to back the fronts with fighters and money until the liberation of every inch of the homeland and expulsion invaders and occupiers.

At the reception, Head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdulqadir Al-Mortada, explained that 250 prisoners of the army and popular committees had been freed from Saudi prisons, and 220 prisoners from Marib province.

He pointed out that 200 prisoners of the army and the popular committees had been arrived on  Friday, from the prisons of the Saudi-led aggression coalition in Aden province, so that the total number of released would be 670 prisoners.

"It was supposed to liberate 680 prisoners from the army and the popular committees, but the coalition excluded ten prisoners from the prisons of Marib province, which prompted us to exclude ten prisoners of the aggression coalition in Sanaa," Al-Mortada said.

He confirmed the committee's keenness to all-for-all prisoner exchange from the two parties as stipulated in the Sweden agreement, expressing his regret for not implementing this due to the big differences between the mercenaries and the aggression coalition.

Al-Mortada assured the families of the prisoners who are still in the aggression coalition prisons that there are other deals during which all prisoners will be freed. "We have what we can pressure to force the aggression coalition to free all prisoners and detainees in its prisons."

"We had great difficulties until we reached to freed prisoners , and some parties did not want this process to be done," Al-Mortada said. He stressed that Sana'a is dealing with the prisoners file on an absolute humanitarian basis, hoping all parties to deal with it likewise

The Committee's head stated the readiness to immediately enter into new talks leading to new prisoners swap agreements.

Also, a number of prisoners were referred to hospitals due to their health condition due to deliberate negligence in the aggression prisons, director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic Ahmed Hamed said upon his reception the war prisoners.

 The director of the Office revealed the payment of rewards to the freed prisoners and marriage of all unmarried prisoners in a group wedding and their absorption in a special care program.

"We receive our Yemeni prisoners, while the other side receives Saudis and Sudanese," he said.

As the member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Al-Houthi, confirmed, that exchange of  prisoners is humanitarian issue, expressing his regret that not all prisoners came back in a comprehensive exchange.

Al-Houthi indicated that all the prisoners are our brothers and we will do our best to free them from the US-Saudi prisons.

In this regard, The head of the National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, revealed  that our war prisoners have been subjected to various forms of torture in US-Saudi prisons.

"The popular and official reception emphasizes that the release of war prisoners is part of the battle for liberation and independence," Abdulsalam said .

He also noted that the popular and official celebration will boost the front's strength, adding, ‘The celebrations proved that our prisoners have a nation that will not leave them behind, whatever happened."

 Abdulsalam expressed regret that every stage we get surprised by the suffering of prisoners and their painful stories in enemy prisons, revealing that dozens of prisoners have been tortured and killed, and the other side (Saudi-led Forces and mercenaries) does not abide by religion or morals. He holds the other side to be fully responsible for the torture, diseases and malnutrition that the prisoners were subjected to.

He added that it is our duty to take care of the prisoners and treat them according to Islamic and Qur'anic teachings, calling on the United Nations and the Red Cross to implement the remaining steps quickly within the framework of the prisoners' exchange deal.

For his part, Information Minister Dhaifallah Al-Shami said, "Today, we read the titles of victory on the faces of the Yemeni people, as they receive the prisoners at Sanaa International Airport."

Al-Shami affirmed that the revolutionary and political leaderships pay great attention to the prisoners and the wounded. "Our leadership cannot give away any of our prisoners, and all prisoners will be released in future deals," he said.

As well as, the Ministry of Public Health and Population expressed   full readiness to check over the released prisoners and to deal with any health problems they have.

The ministry has mobilized its staff and medical cadres to treat the freed prisoners from the army and popular committees, Ministry's spokesman Dr. Yousef al-Hadhri told Saba.

The freed prisoners will have full checkups to make sure they are in good health, al-Hadhri said.

Meanwhile, the Supreme political Council (SPC) on Friday congratulated the prisoners of the army, the freed popular committees and all the Yemeni people on the success of the prisoner exchange and their return home safely and peacefully.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Supreme political Council expressed its hope that this operation would be a first step followed by steps to release all prisoners on the basis of all against all, considering the prisoners' file as a human file, in the first place, that should not be compromised or politicized.

The Council considered this achievement as a result of the patience and stability of the heroic prisoners in the prisons of aggression, as they were established in the battle fronts.

The statement said, "We pledge in the Supreme political Council, to all prisoners and their families that we will work very hard to follow up this file until the return of the last prisoner to his homeland and his family.

The Council commended the successful efforts of the National Committee for prisoners' Affairs.

Expressing thanks to the UN envoy, his office and the Red Cross for their efforts, we call on them to form an independent committee to investigate the torture practiced by the countries of aggression and the executions carried out against the prisoners.

The Supreme political Council called on the United Nations to work hard to lift the embargo and to lift the unjust blockade imposed on Sanaa airport and the rest of the land and sea outlets.

And to oblige the other party to implement the other items of Sweden agreement, especially those related to the country's oil and gas revenues and to pay the salaries of all the state employees.

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