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Aggression escalates violations in Hodeida, wages 17 airstrikes

Aggression escalates violations in Hodeida, wages 17 airstrikes



PROVINCES, Sep. 24 (Saba) - The US-Saudi aggression have escalated violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province while its warplanes launched 17 raids on several provinces in the past 24 hours.


A military official said that aggression mercenaries committed 207 violations, including two advance attempts in Hays district, and two warplanes overflew over Hays district and nine spy planes hovered over areas of al-Tuhaita, Kilo 16, al-Mandhar, and Hodeida city.


The aggression mercenaries carried out 49 violations using rocket and artillery shelling, and 142 violations with various bullets, the official added.


The aggression mercenaries launched a massive advance attempt towards the army and popular committees' military sites in al-Sha'ab village in Hays district backed by heavy bombing and armored vehicles, he said.


The aggression's warplanes also launched two airstrikes on al-Mazraq area in Haradh district of Hajjah province, and seven raids on al-Thaluth souk and al-Khanjar and al-Khalifain areas in Khab Washaaf district of Jawf province.


He stated that the aggression's warplanes waged three strikes on Serwah district, and five raids on Rahba district in Marib province.



resource : SABA

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