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Aggression mercenaries continue to violate ceasefire in Hodeida

Aggression mercenaries continue to violate ceasefire in Hodeida



PROVINCES, Sep. 23 (Saba) - Three civilians have been injured in Saudi artillery shelling on Shida border district in Saada province, a military official said on Tuesday.

The Saudi artillery also targeted populated villages in the district of Razeh in the same province, causing heavy damage to civilians' properties, the official added

Moreover, the US-Saudi aggression coalition's warplanes waged ten raids on the district of Rahba and four raids on the district of Majzar in Marib province, he said.

The official stated that the aggression coalition's warplanes targeted a plastic factory in Rada'am area in Bani Matar district in Sanaa province, and launched a raid on al-Tala'h area off Najran region.

Meanwhile, the aggression mercenaries continued to violate Hodeidah ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province within the past 24 hours.

The military official said that the aggression forces committed 95 breaches, including attempt to advance in Hays district and establishing military fortifications in aljah area.

The aggression forces also launched a military plane in the airspace of Hays and four spy planes in the airspace of al-Faza, al-Tuhaita and Kilo 16, he continued.

The aggression forces committed 24 violations with rocket and artillery shelling and 63 violations with various bullets.

The official confirmed that a house of a citizen in the southeast of the besieged city of al-Duraihemi was burnt in aggression’s bombardment with heavy and medium weapons.

The aggression forces bombed more than 21 shells and four bombs by a spy plane on al-Jabalia area in al-Tuhaita district in Hodeida, he said.


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