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Political, national Forces denounce Bahrain's normalization with Zionist enemy

Political, national Forces denounce Bahrain's normalization with Zionist enemy


SANAA, Sep. 13 (Saba) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the National Salvation government condemned in the strongest terms the declaration of the Kingdom of Bahrain to normalize its relations with the Zionist entity.

In a statement, Saba got a copy of it, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that normalization with the Zionist entity is a negligence  in the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The statement added that such the Bahraini regime's step also considered a betrayal of blood that fell in defense of the Palestinian issue and its people.

For his part, A spokesman for the National Salvation Government Minister of Information Dhaifallah al-Shami has strongly condemned the declaration of normalization between Bahrain and the Zionist entity.

In a statement to Saba, the government spokesman considered the Bahraini regime's rushing to normalize with the Israeli enemy and its joining with the Emirati regime a major betrayal of the Palestinian issue and an endeavor to liquidate the issue within the framework of achieving the American Deal of the Century.

"It is not surprising that this normalization was announced by US President Trump that confirm the dependableness of these regimes on the American administration," he said.

The government spokesman indicated that the Palestinian issue will remain the central issue of the Yemeni people and the Arab and Islamic nation.

He affirmed that the regimes rushing to normalize with the Zionist entity do not represent the peoples and will pay the price for their betrayal of the sanctities and the nation.

He reiterated that the Yemeni government and the Yemeni people will remain standing by the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle until the establishment of their independent state on their land with al-Quds al-Sharif as its capital.

The government spokesman called on the resistance factions to strengthen the unity of ranks and positions to face the steps of normalization targeting Islamic holy sites, and called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to condemn and denounce normalization with the usurper entity of the Palestinian land.

As Ansarullah Political Bureau has confirmed that the regimes that rushing towards normalization with the Zionist entity do not represent their people and will pay the price of betrayal at a great cost.

In a statement, the Bureau was not surprised by the announcement of normalization between the Bahraini regime and the Israeli enemy as a matter of fact that the regime lives under the American and Israeli guardianship.

The Bureau's statement pointed out that the bet would remain on free peoples to restore the nation's dignity and liberate its sanctities.

Shortly after the announcement of the Israel-Bahrain's deal, the General People's Congress party (GPC)  condemned the Bahrain's normalization with the Zionist enemy.

The General Secretariat of the GPC said in a statement the Bahrain's step came less than a month of the normalization of the UAE with the usurping entity that aimed to target the Palestinian issue and the holy places.

The statement considered the normalization as a dangerous precedent confirming the weakness and competition that reached by some Arab regimes to satisfy the Israeli enemy and to trade in the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue.

It called on the free people of the nation to condemn and reject normalization with the Zionist enemy in any way, describing that steps as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people.

Earlier , national Force carried out a protest rally in which they denounced the continued detention of the aggression coalition of oil ships and the refusal of normalization with the Zionist entity.

Protesters pointed out the importance of lining up and standing in one line in defense of the homeland, its security and stability, stressing that they will continue to support the fronts until victory is achieved.

The statement stressed the need to take a firm stand on the blockade imposed by the aggression coalition countries on the Yemeni people, calling for the lifting the siege imposed on fuel ships, foodstuffs and medicines which are going on in full view of the international community.

It called on the international community and international and humanitarian organizations to work to stop these arbitrary practices that are contrary to all humanitarian and international charters, norms, and laws.



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