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Al Suba’yan … New victims of takfir militia of Saudi-led aggression

Al Suba’yan … New victims of takfir militia of Saudi-led aggression


SANAA, June. 30 (Saba) - Marib province woke up on Monday to the tragedy of a horrific massacre committed by the takfirist Al-Islah party groups supported by al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, and stormed into the houses of Al Suba’yan  in al-Khasha 'a area in Wadi Obeida with tanks and armored vehicles.

In the details of the tragedy, Sheikh Mohsen Saleh Suba’yan and four of his brothers and two of his children were martyred as he faced the groups of terrorism of the aggression, which launched artillery shelling on his house and pushed dozens of soldiers and crews and imposed a siege on him to prevent the tribes from his victory, and after his martyrdom and brothers stormed the house to kill two children and injure a woman.


Not only did the mercenaries of the aggression commit the murder of Al Suba’yan, but they carried out another crime, looting all the furniture and contents of the houses and then burning the houses in an act that reveals the ISIS face of the criminal militias.

The criminal incident was widely condemned by the Marib tribes, considered the crime to be an indication of the criminal tendency of the Islah party, and revealed the reality of the ideology of these militias, which is based on the atonement of all those who disagree with them and the abhorrence of their blood and money.

In statements, al-Qaramish, Jahm, Murad and Al-Ashraf expressed their condemnation of the crime, calling for unity to stop the crimes committed by al-Islah and its militias against the people of the province, an indication of the societal rejection of the violations carried out by these Saudi-backed militias to kneel down and intimidate the free sons of Marib through massacres similar to the crimes of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The National Salvation Government condemned the crime, with its spokesman condemning the massacre. He called on humanitarian organizations to condemn these crimes, which are contrary to all international norms and conventions.

Marib Governor Ali Mohammed Ta'iman condemned in the strongest terms the massacre of al-Islah militia against Al Suba’yan. He noted that this crime is not the first but the most criminal.

He called on the people of Marib and their tribes to stand together in the face of the militias of terrorism and atonement and to support the army and popular committees in the battle of honor and dignity to liberate the province from the desecration of aggression and its mercenaries, and to win the blood of the victims.

The deputy chairman of the tribal cohesion council in the province, Commander Nimran, stressed that the crime of aggression mercenaries against Al Suba’yan is a dangerous precedent, contrary to the ancestors and tribal customs, which emphasize the sanctity of homes, women and children.

Perhaps ironically and surprisingly, the so-called security committees run by extremist Brotherhood leaders claimed to have obtained the slogan of the cry at the Al- Suba’yan mosque, which would be a major crime that would require the extermination of an entire family, the invasion of their homes and the desecration of their property.


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