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President calls on Iran not to meddle in Yemeni affaires

President calls on Iran not to meddle in Yemeni affaires


SANA'A, July 18 (Saba) - President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi called on Wednesday Iran not to meddle in Yemeni affaires.

"We hope that our Iranian brothers not to interfere in Yemen's affaires and to take into account the critical circumstances Yemen is undergoing," Hadi said in the War College in Sana'a.

Hadi said that Yemen has never interfered in the interior affairs of any near or far country. "I tell you all, from the War College, leave Yemen alone and it is enough."

There were and still are some wanted a war to be erupted in Yemen, he said, adding that the brotherly and friendly countries have stood by Yemen after they realized that if Yemen went to war, the region and the entire world would be effected and the international internets would be endangered.

In his speech on the occasion of ending the academic year in the college, the President deemed the return of the displaced to their homes in Zinjibar and Jaar towns of Abyan province as a great victory of the humanity, reiterating that the terrorists would be hunting wherever they are all over the country.

"As I promised before that the criminal terrorists will be cleansed from every area," Hadi said.

He said that the Yemeni people has never suffered from difficulties such those occurred in long time of 2011.

Hadi reveal that many ambassadors had asked him to transfer their residences to Djibouti or Oman and come to Sana'a every week.

"I told them that would take Yemen into a civil war," he said, adding they had changed their opinions after their contacts with their countries and decided to stay in Sana'a.

There were many interior and external reasons made the 2011 crisis escalated, especially the division in the military establishment, which is supposed to be a defense establishment owned to the nation not to a person or group, the President said.

The reconstruction of armed forces on national bases is in favor of Yemen's stability, security and sovereignty, the President said.

He stressed that the changes to come would be deep and huge and all the youths, society, army and security have to be ready practically and mentally to take part in the fight for a change for the better future.

"We have experienced tough and complicated situation and it is still difficult today. We still have economic, political and security impasses. However, it is better than before."

Concerning the formation of the technical preparatory committee of the comprehensive national dialogue conference, Hadi said that some political powers have not realized the nature of the committee.

Its tasks are only to identify the participating bodies, the number of delegates, the place and time to hold the conference and the conference's members have to debate the essential issues and files that would forge Yemen's future, he added.


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