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Al Qaeda blamed for blast of Abyan factory

Al Qaeda blamed for blast of Abyan factory


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ABYAN, March 29 (Saba) - The executive office of Abyan governorate has held al-Qaeda responsible for the explosion of the October 7 factory for ammunition, which led to the killing of dozens of innocent citizens.

At the office's meeting ,Abyan Governor Saleh al-Zawari stressed the importance of cohesion and solidarity to stand together against these criminal and terrorist elements who try to hit the social peace in the governorate.

Those terrorist gangs have given an advisory opinion that it is permissible to loot the plant and its contents, al-Zawari said.

He added that all members of executive office and local and social leaderships in Abyan condemn this heinous incident that turned victims to charred bodies, which is a massacre by all standards.

Explosions and fire broke out in the October 7 factory for ammunition in al-Hesn area in Khanfar district in Yemen southern province of Abyan, after al-Qaeda terrorist elements seized the factory on Sunday.

The blasts led to the falling of a number of dead and wounded and the full destruction of the factory .



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