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No use of live bullets in Aden demonstrations, says Yemeni official

No use of live bullets in Aden demonstrations, says Yemeni official


ADEN, March 17 (Saba) – The security forces in Aden will not use live bullets in demonstrations following four protesters were killed in clashes with police, the newly appointed governor of Aden Ahmed al-Qa’tabi said on Wednesday in a news conference.

"We have agreed with the security committee not to use live bullets…. after four persons were killed last Saturday in clashes happened in Dar Saad district of Aden", he added.

"The current battle between political parties has been transferred into Aden after it was run outside Aden", al- Qa’tabi said.

The Yemeni official affirmed that the battle had caused a lot of problems in the province and deformed its appearance of civilization, stressing that what is happening now in Aden did not take place in the darkest circumstances yet.

"Aden is currently suffering from some expressions that may harm others and society", he described.

He confirmed, however, that holding protests and demonstrations is a constitutional right for all citizens, noting this right must be defended.

Al- Qa’tabi pointed out that armed elements force students and teachers to leave schools or participate in demonstrations and marches in the province.

In addition, al-Qa’tabi said that some local councils in the province don’t take responsibility for their official tasks.



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