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Official source surprised to media statements on situation in Yemen

Official source surprised to media statements on situation in Yemen


SANA'A,Feb.17(Saba)- An official source in the government expressed his surprise on Thursday to statements by some media, which reflects the ignorance of the facts in Yemen.

He pointed that those media lack the objectivity due to their reliance on false, misleading and biased information aiming at provocation.

These statements stir up the situation and encourage violence rather than sitting at the dialogue table, the source told Saba.

The source said that the demonstrations witnessed by Yemen reflects the richness of the real democratic practice and freedoms enjoyed by the Yemeni society despite some frictions between some demonstrators resulting from the presence of some infiltrators among them to stir up trouble and implement certain agendas.

Those agendas aims to stir up sedition and hinder democracy from achieving the change through the ballot box and incite anarchy, which do not serve Yemen, the source added.

"There is no longer a reason for incitement and demonstration after the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh for reforms and his call for dialogue to reach the national consensus and understanding on all issues of concern to the nation", the source said.

The source called upon all citizens not to be dragged behind those who are trying to undermine security and stability and dragging the country into violence and chaos.



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