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Yemen says US aid is limited to logistical and technical support

Yemen says US aid is limited to logistical and technical support


OMAN, Dec. 02 (Saba)- Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has said that Washington is not aiming at escalating the situation in the country and only provides technical support in the fight against terrorism.

In an interview with Asharq Alawsat newspaper published on Wednesday, Hadi said the recent attempt by al-Qaeda to launch terror attacks using parcel bombs was "an extension of the terrorist acts that started against tourists and oil companies, in addition to other attempts to damage the security and stability in Yemen.

"He said the investigation is still taking place "among security bodies in Yemen, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Britain and America.

According to him, a probe was under way between these countries to get to know all the facts.

"He added that he was working to lift the ban on flights from Yemen imposed after the foiled attempt "in order not to punish the people of Yemen".

According to Hadi, cooperation with America in the fight against terrorism is limited to providing "logistical and technical support".

He stressed that this cooperation is especially with regard to night-vision devices and monitoring equipment and information.

"This was the case even before the attempt to carry out terror attacks with the parcels.

"It should be noted that according to documents issued this week by WikiLeaks website, Yemen is covering up the real operations of the US army within the framework of the fight against terrorism.

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