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Yemen to continue unabated war on terror despite hype over explosive packages – Minister

Yemen to continue unabated war on terror despite hype over explosive packages – Minister


SANA'A, Oct. 31 (Saba) – Yemen is determined to continue the unabated war against terrorism based on its realization that the battle on terrorists is an inevitable necessity to protect the national security and other interests and to limit huge damages and effects this global phenomenon leaves, Information Minister has said.

In his remarks aired by Radio London on Saturday, Hassan al Lawzi said Yemen's anti-terror efforts primarily stem from the official and popular determination and then from regional and international cooperation because terrorism is a pandemic threatening the whole globe that requires working together to root it out.

Regarding the media hype over the suspicious packages which were seized on their way to the U.S. onboard flights through Yemen, he said:" I want to affirm that there are unfortunately different and exaggerating reports on the issue serving al Qaeda and at the same time harming counterterrorism efforts."

There was an official statement issued after involving Yemen in such a hype explaining that UPS cargo planes never take off or land in the country, said al Lawzi, adding: the statement also noted there are no direct flights from Yemen to either the U.S. or UK.

The statement made it clear that the security measures at Yemeni airports are tightened and strict with the authorities searching passengers and their luggage well, he said.

"Despite the hype, unacceptable exaggeration and bringing the name of Yemen to this, Yemen is investigating the incident and working closely with relevant authorities in other countries to find out the truth about the allegedly terrorist packages."

Such hype serves only terrorists, and Yemen urges media to exercise maximum accuracy while reporting on and to avoid making hasty judgments about sensitive issues, he said.


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