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Yemeni army ends al-Qaeda campaign in Shabwa

Yemeni army ends al-Qaeda campaign in Shabwa


SANA’A, Oct. 29 (Saba)- The Yemeni army has ended its military campaign aiming to cleanse the rugged al-Kur mountain area at Shabwa province in the southeast of the country, of armed militants without finding the elements of al-Qaeda.

Last week, the Yemeni army launched a large military campaign involving 1000 troops and 500 armed tribesmen, to chase and arrest the al-Qaeda elements who were believed to be hiding in the mountains of al-Kur.

"The campaign ended without finding al-Qaeda elements in the mountains of al-Kur", parliamentary Mahdi Abdul-Salam, a commander of the military campaign, said to the UAE-based newspaper al-Ittihad.

"We found traces in the area of Khawaw indicating that al-Qaeda elements were in this region three days ago", he added, confirming that al-Kur mountain range no longer hosts elements of the extremist organization.



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