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Yemen says hunting 400 terrorist suspects on soil

Yemen says hunting 400 terrorist suspects on soil


SANA'A, Oct. 24 (Saba) – Yemen is hunting about 400 al Qaeda suspects including Yemenis and Saudis who are operating according to specific plans in some areas of the country, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al Qirbi has said.

After the recent terror operations seen as devastating blows to al Qaeda, we can describe the situation as stable in the country because the security authorities are tracking all suspects and criminal gangs, killing, wounding and arresting many of them, he said in his remarks to al Hayat newspaper.

The remarks coincided with a massive combing operation in search of al Qaeda operatives at mountainous and rugged areas in southeastern province of Shabwa.

The combing operation is being carried out at very rugged territories where Al-Qaeda tried to use the geographic structure to hide and plot.

Unfortunately, media is exaggerating about al Qaeda and the situation in Yemen, picturing al Qaeda as a factor destabilizing the country and striking security and development, he said.

Moreover, the Yemeni-Saudi security coordination and cooperation and specially on tackling Al-Qaeda is perfect and it has resulted in devastating blows to terrorists several times, he said, noting that the presence of foreign troops on Yemen's soil is not the suitable solution to root out terrorism.

"The fight on terror in Yemen is the responsibility of the government and Yemeni people."

Speaking about the 20th Gulf Football Cup set to be held in Aden and Abyan from November 22 to December 5, Al-Qirbi said Yemen is determined to host this championship and it assures all Gulf countries the situation is stable and Yemen can secure it.

His final remark was given on the same day when Prime Minister Mujawar said the GCC countries has already approved that the championship would be held in Yemen as scheduled.


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