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34 Ethiopian illegal immigrants detained in Yemen

34 Ethiopian illegal immigrants detained in Yemen


LAHJ, Aug. 23 (Saba)- Yemen's security services have detained 34 Ethiopian illegal immigrants in Lahj province, Interior Ministry said on Monday.

In a press release posted on its website, the Ministry said that the investigations have been started with the Ethiopians.

On Aug. 18, the Security Department in Taiz handed over 150 Ethiopian illegal immigrants to the Passport and Immigration Authority in Sana'a. The Immigration Authority has deported the 150 Ethiopians.

So far this year, the Yemeni authorities deported more than 1000 Ethiopian illegal immigrants including women who infiltrated into the country amid the flow of refugees from Horn of Africa countries.

Thousands of refugees arrived at national coasts this year, according to some statistics.

Amid fears about the consequences of the arrivals, the authorities say there are more than million African refugees in Yemen, mostly from Somalia and Ethiopia.


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