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Al-Qaeda kills two soldiers in Yemen

Al-Qaeda kills two soldiers in Yemen


SANA'A, Aug. 20 (Saba) - Two soldiers were killed in an attack of al-Qaeda on Thursday in Apian governorate, a security source said on Friday.

The source told the ruling party-run that the some affiliates of al-Qaeda have carried a sudden attack with machine guns on a number of security men in a public souk and escaped.

The attack has left, in addition to the two killed, a wounded soldier.

The security authorities have tightened security measures in the governorate and begun hunting the attackers.

The attack has occurred after the government announced the surrender of al-Qaeda leader Hizam Mujali on Thursday.

The Defense Ministry said that security forces in Apian Province have captured a senior al-Qaeda suspect called Anis al-Oli.

Security sources told the website arresting such suspects and many others came as a result of information have been taken from al-Qaeda leaders and elements have been arrested recently.

The information has led to thwart plans for terrorist and sabotage operations plotted against economic and security vital facilities.

Al-Qaeda leader Juma'an Safian gave up on Saturday, 14 August, in Jawf governorate in northeast Yemen's capital Sana'a.

Safian, who was the leader of al Qaeda in the province, surrendered as the massive hunt for terrorist suspects throughout the country is continuing.

In late 2009 and so far this year, the security authorities launched several successful terror operations killing, injuring, and arresting dozens of al Qaeda suspects in northern, southern and southeastern areas.



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