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Security is essential part of developmental process, Yemeni official

Security is essential part of developmental process, Yemeni official


SANA’A, July 22 (Saba)- Yemen’s security no longer receives the attention it used to receive last January, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has said.

‘’Security is still an important issue that should not be marginalized since securing the country is an essential part of the developmental process’’, al-Qirbi said in an interview with the Dubai-based al-Bayan newspaper.

For the situation in Saada, al-Qirbi said the Houthis were trying to evoke sympathy, noting that the government has so far shown it is keen on keeping the cease fire alive and focusing all efforts on reconstruction.

The Yemeni official denied the situation in the southern regions of Yemen could be turning into an insurgency like the one in Saada.

‘’I do not think so as the sabotage groups who are trying to spread hatred among nationals are denounced even by those who speak about injustices in the south. Therefore, we should differentiate between these groups and those who are talking about solutions to the economic situation. It is the government's responsibility to handle the economic situation; however, we cannot handle it by violence, by killing innocents, or by vandalism".

With regard to the challenges posed by al-Qaeda, al-Qirbi said that al-Qaeda is one of the dangers that Yemen is facing,

‘’The government spoke about the threats posed by this organization along with the economic threat, and the Huothis".

He further said that the government is trying to develop its potentials to face terror; however, the Yemeni people also have a responsibility since terror threatens their interests and development.

He added that the government is cooperating with the international community because "terror, along with its media capacities, activities and cells that are spread in many countries, requires joint international efforts to exchange intelligence information".


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