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Increasing reports over death of terrorist al-Houthi

Increasing reports over death of terrorist al-Houthi


SANA'A, Dec. 29 (Saba)- There are increasing reports about the death of the terrorist Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, who was severely injured in an attack aimed at a gathering with a group of terrorist elements," reported on Sunday

The army website added that there were reports that he had been buried in Jabel Tolan in the northern Malaheeth area.

The website also said that armed and security forces destroyed a depot for ammunition and fuel in the western area of al-Kamp of Saada city and destroyed other hideouts for terrorists.

The terrorist Yusaf al-Madani issued instructions by distribution of copies of statements in the name of Abdul Malik al-Houthi to raise morale of his terror elements after the news of his death spread among them, the army website said.



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