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Over 100 killed, 280 injured as army repels suicide rebel attack

Over 100 killed, 280 injured as army repels suicide rebel attack


SAADA, Oct. 09 (Saba) – More than 100 rebels were killed and over 280 others were injured as the army repelled a ' suicide' attack by the insurgents who infiltrated into some areas in Saada on Friday.

The troops strongly responded to the attack destroying the rebel weapons and forcing many insurgents to run away.

The army with help from the locals in Saada and Amran provinces is continuing fighting the insurgents, who have been fighting the troops since 2004.

In recent weeks, hundreds of the rebels were dead, with the last week of September the deadliest since the confrontations started in August.

In this week alone more than 300 Houthis were killed and hundreds hurt, arrested and surrendering.

The newly-appointed deputy minister of Interior Mohamed Abdullah al-Qawsi said the attack came within suicide attempts by the rebels, affirming the Houthis have become confused and losing their strenght, and warning any suicide attacks would be strongly faced by the troops.

In the meantime, Defense minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed paid on Friday a visit to the Military Axis in the Almalaheedh in Saada, the area which has seen fierce battles between the troops and rebels.

Ahmed praised the high morale of the troops and listened to a detailed explanation of operations in the province.

On the other hand, Chief of Staffs Ahmed al-Ashwal paid visits to the Hafr Sufyan and Saada military axes, hailing victories and boosting the morale of the soldiers.



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