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Second aircraft crash as operations continue in north

Second aircraft crash as operations continue in north



SAADA, Oct. 05 (Saba) - A fighter jet, Sukhoi, fell dwon on Monday while it was raiding the Houthi rebels in northern Yemen, the second accident in days blamed on a technical fault. 

The crash took place in the district of Alanad, one of the insurgent strongholds in restive Saada.
On Friday a security source denied claims by the insurgents that a warplane was shot down when it was raiding the rebels in the north. 

The fighter jet crashed into a mountain in the district of Almalaheedh, one of the rebel strongholds, after it had a technical fault, the source confirmed. 

Early Friday a spokesman for the rebels said they brought down a MIG jet, saying we, with help from the God, shot down the jet while it was randomly striking the villages and the locals in Saada districts. 

Meantime, the army is continuing its offensive against the Houthi followers that started in early August. 

September was the dealiest for the rebels since the war started in August as more than 300 Houthi fighters were reported killed only during the second of the month. 

Many areas have been cleansed of the insurgents, with many of the rebels surrendering and others arrested, according to official statements. 

The rebels have been fighting the troops since 2004.


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