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Many rebels killed in 'repelled attack'

Many rebels killed in 'repelled attack'


SAADA, Sep. 20 (Saba) - At least 150 Houthi insurgents were killed on Sunday when the rebels tried to take over the Republican Palace in the restive province of Saada in northern Yemen, local sources told the Alsahwa website.

70 other Houthis surrendered in the early Sunday surprising attack that came a day after the government announced the army was suspending military operations.

The Houthi fighters attacked the city from different directions with almost 70 armored vehicles, but the attack was repelled by the troops.

Two soldiers were killed and about 20 troops injured in the attack.

Local sources said the troops started to monitor the moves of the insurgents last night.

80 of the bodies of the dead were found at Al-Anad area and 70 bodies were found at the airport area.

Other bodies were seen in various nearby areas.

Earlier, a security source said the army repelled a surprising rebel attack in Saada, causing the Houthi followers big losses.

On Saturday, the government announced a conditional suspension of military operations in the north, the second in two weeks, under which the Houthi insurgents must stick to earlier truce conditions.

Shortly after the announcement, official sources confirmed the rebels were breaking the truce and attacking the troops and the people.

On September 5, the government offered truce for the insurgents, urging them to come back to the right path and stop subversion and killings.

The truce was rejected by the Houthis, with the army expanding its offensive and launching fierce land and air strikes.

Meanwhile, a security source has denied the photos released by the rebels were for civilians killed in air raids in Amran, saying the photos were for insurgents killed in battles with the troops.

The Houthi followers used to mislead and fabricate, the source said, accusing the rebels of using the people as human shields.

The dismissal came a day after the Supreme Security Committee said a panel was formed to investigate alleged deaths from air strikes at the Al-Adi area in the war-focused district of Harf Sufyan, Amran.

The panel came after reports that more than 85 were killed in the raids aimed at the rebels, who have been fighting the government forces since 2004.


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