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3 killed, 1 seriously injured in 'Yemen separatist attack'

3 killed, 1 seriously injured in 'Yemen separatist attack'


LAHJ, July 10 (Saba) – Separatists killed early Friday three people in the Radfan district, Lahj, while they were on their way to their store in al-Askariaya district, the state-run has reported.

All three were sweets dealers coming from al-Qabaitah district when they were intercepted by separatist bandits at the Habeel Jabr area.

A prosecutor said that preliminary investigations revealed that the bandits shot dead a father along with his two sons and son-in-law.

The father, one of his sons and son-in-low were killed immediately and the other son was seriously injured.

A local government official said the killer has been identified as Ali Saif, a wanted separatist, adding a hunt for him has been launched.

The victims woke up early as usual aiming to reach their shop and separatists, around at 2:30 am, stopped their pick-up on highway, ordered them to get out of the car and then shot them all.

They thought all four died, but the survivor could get another area where he called the police, telling them about the incident.

He is now being hospitalized.

Separatists of those who belong to the Southern Anti-Government Movement have been blamed for the crime, deputy Lahj governor said.

Lahj is one of  Yemen's southern provinces which have been witnessing protests, with demonstrators, mostly separatists, chanting anti-unity slogans and attacking soldiers and people.



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