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Yemeni unification implies new era: President Saleh

Yemeni unification implies new era: President Saleh


SANA'A, (Saba)- In his speech to the nation on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, President Ali Abdullah Saleh affirmed Thursday that the Yemeni people have entered a new era of life by achieving unification of the land and tracing democracy which all together place them in an importance position among the nations.

He congratulated the Yemeni nation on this precious occasion of Eid al-Fitr as well as the 44th Anniversary of October 14 Revolution which liberated the country from the interference of foreigners and regained sovereignty of the country to the Yemeni people and commenced the way of the enlightenment.

Referring to his constitutional amendments, Saleh noted that these suggestion stem from his electoral platform and are presented to people to judge, calling upon all political parties to get together over discussing these amendments and follow dialogue to underline policy of the country for all are involved the in the future of the valuable Yemen.

As for the unfavorable situations in Palestine, President called on the international community to have an action regarding the Israeli violation of international charters and agreements as well as humanitarian and moral principles on the Palestinian lands.

He also called on Hamas and Fatah movements of Palestine to end dispute and go back to dialogue as a means to solve their internal issues, welcoming approval of Sudan to receive multi-national peace keeping forces and affirmed Yemen's stance with stability and security of Sudan.

Saleh spoke in favor of the unabated exerted efforts to restore peace in Somalia, highly valuing African, Arab and international quest of achieving reconciliation among the Somali factions, calling, at the same time, all international parties to offer support to the Somali interim government to enable it to realize stability and reconstruction of the country's institutions.

Finally, President Saleh restated stand of Yemen regarding right of countries to possess nuclear technologies to be utilized for peaceful ends, asking the international community to force Israel to comply with the Treaty of Prohibition of Spread of Nuclear Weapons.



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