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Haniya renews Hamas acceptance for Yemeni initiative

Haniya renews Hamas acceptance for Yemeni initiative


GAZA STRIP,  (Saba)- Former Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya of Hamas renewed on Friday acceptance of Hamas for a conciliation initiative presented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In Friday prayer sermon, Haniya appreciated efforts of Yemen to realize Palestinian conciliation, repeating three times "We agree with the Yemeni initiative. "

The initiative of President Sale is good for the Palestinian people, he said, the initiative returns respect for Palestinian people and their issue.

He said that the initiative came from brothers who wish welfare for Palestine.

In a statement to Saba, the Hamas spokesman in Gaza Strip Fawzi Barhom said that the initiative of Saleh deserves respect and includes ideas that aim to reunify the Palestinian factions.

He affirmed welcome of Hamas for all Arab and international efforts to protect Palestinian rights.



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